Montwood Church of christ

Dear Montwood Family:

After thorough discussion, the elders have decided the current data supports our reopening. According to the epstrong website, there has been a precipitous drop for two months in the number of new infections, testing positivity rate, hospitalizations, and ICU patients. As a result, the city has rescinded their orders regarding schools reopening and many of them are, in fact, opening at this time. Furthermore, the most cautious religious group during the pandemic, the Catholic diocese, has now reopened as well. Therefore, we intended to begin in person meetings on Sunday, September 27 using the same protocols and mitigation efforts that were used previously.

We also intend to implement in person Sunday School and Wednesday night meetings beginning the first week of October. Additionally, we want to give urgency to restarting our young adult and youth programs quickly.  In keeping with our intentions moving forward, events which take place in the auditorium will continue to be live streamed for those who wish to remain at home.
We look forward to seeing you in person in the near future.

Jim, Lonnie, Demetrius

The monthly Food Pantry Distribution normally scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of the month has been cancelled until further notice.  With that being said, if you need food, call the church to setup an appointment.  Food can be picked up at the church on Tuesday's from 0900 to 1100 AM or Thursday's from 0300 to 0500 PM.

The annual Family Bible Camp (FBC) that was scheduled for the month of July 2020 has been cancelled.

We look forward to seeing how God will continue to bless us in the days ahead as we continue to serve him together.

The Montwood church of Christ

The Montwood church of Christ is a non-denominational bilingual church that looks to God’s word in the Bible as an authority and guide for all we do. We are a loving, accepting family with a common belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. We believe that it is by the grace of God that we have been brought into an eternal relationship with Him.

The church family is a community of real people who have all types of hurts, pains, discouragements, and problems, just like anyone else. We come together because God has forgiven our sins and is changing us into something new. It is our aim to personally know the love of God, powerfully show that love through our daily lives, and prayerfully go with God’s love into our community.

As a group of people, we experience Jesus: his love, compassion, and grace. He fills us with His healing Spirit and calls us to follow him. The Montwood Family is a place where you too can experience love, acceptance, and forgiveness. If you are searching for a church home, we'd like you to know that there's a special place here just for you!

If you have not yet committed your life to Jesus, we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your faith journey through group or individual Bible study.