Facilities Ministry

The Facilities Ministry is to support other ministries by providing a clean, functional building for other ministries to gather and hold events.  The building provides a place to meet with parking for cars, a bus stop nearby, heating and air conditioning for staff and members' comfort, as well as convenience with chairs and supplies for various activities. 


Work Day on Saturday, March 26 at 9AM.  Here are the tasks:

  1. Replace AC filters in most of the units, units 2, 5, and 6 need a screwdriver or nut driver, the others can be replaced without tools.
  2. Replace burned out lights in Auditorium.
  3. Remove central speaker in Auditorium and re-activate spot light
  4. Clean drains on the outside from by the building to the parking lot.  I’ve never done this so I only have a vague idea of how.
  5. Clean ceiling fans, if you have an extension please bring it.

General projects below NOT part of the work day:

Front Doors: We are working on replacing the wood doors on the front with steel ones as the wood ones are having a tough time after 30 years of western exposure to the El Paso sun.  We plan to use an outside company to do the work, but if you would like to assist with suggestions or company recommendations, please contact John Reifers.

Classroom Windows: We have an open request to add windows to the classrooms especially for the lower grades.  This will allow security to check in while not causing as much of a distraction to the class.